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06 June 2009 @ 10:55 pm
Infidelity (chapter 3)  

Title: Infidelity
Genre: angst...and maybe smut for future chapters xD
Pairing: Akame, Ryokame (one-sided)
Summary: Jin and Kame were faced with an unresolvable misunderstanding as their relationship comes to an end. Meanwhile, a certain Nishikido Ryo appears to be Kame's shoulder to lean and to cry on, but can he also maintain the role of Jin's best friend? There are some things in life, though we couldn't understand happens unexpectedly for a reason we may not know, but will Kame and Jin's love for each other be able to withstand this test of nature?

chapter 1 | chapter 2

“No, I didn't do it with Maki...and I'm not planning to, in every way” Jin stated plainly. He was having a hard time telling the truth because he thinks that from every word that comes right out of his mouth might get misunderstood by the paparazzis. “I never even like that woman” came Jin's final remark as he then stood up and walk away from the annoying media.


As Kame was watching this, anger and frustration devoured his mind completely. “How dare he lie to the press when everything they seem to ask him regarding her were all rumors based on nothing? Was he that clever to play it safe?” God, Jin! I wish you could've just say the truth at least it would directly come from you, not from just anyone...I need to hear it from you even though it hurts.


Kame then turned off the television and decided to go to bed. He would definitely forget anything regarding Jin, yet his love for him still dominates the pain and and anger he's experiencing right now in regard to the older man. Tomorrow I would start a fresh new day, fresh new life, a new beginning without Jin...

and with that he falls into a deep slumber, with the thought of removing Jin from his life.




 “What the hell? Are you serious?” Jin practically shouted in between growls when their manager called him up that morning to inform the news. “I can't accept this! I will talk to him” Jin persists.


“Well there's nothing you can do anymore Akanishi, Kamenashi already made up his mind and he will not be moved with whatever you're planning to convince him to, he is just too troublesome, we just have to accept his decision.”


“But I-


“No Jin, I also do not approve of his decision but it was his choice...let's just be happy for him” and with that their manager hung up.


Fuck...damn! Don't go farther away from me...




A press con was held in accordance to Kame's big decision and it will also be the first time T-TUN will be informed about this.


“Everyone, I am here to announce my resignation from KAT-TUN” came Kame's bold revelation.


Audible murmurs were heard all over the room and all jaws were dropped in complete haste as all were shocked, except Jin, about Kame's big revelation.


“I am here to give thanks for your continuous support and for believing in me and in KAT-TUN, please continue to guide them along the way” Kame bowed, head almost touching the table in front of him. AT-TUN were shocked to see the tears flowing continuously on Kame's angelic face. He was definitely depressed over his decision but that was his only choice to start anew, and to get rid of Jin from his life. Maru, Ueda, Koki and Junno gathered around their youngest member and embraced him in a way true friendship can be seen. Through that one embrace all the things that were needed to say were thrown out and all that was left was support and acceptance. They know that whatever Kame wishes to do, they would always be there ready to support him one hundred percent.


But what was truly unexpected was that Jin stood abruptly, unable to contain his feelings anymore and rushed up to where Kame was and grabbed Kame's wrist and pulled him out of the room immediately. Tears were now clouding his eyes as he pulled Kame away from the press room, hands gripping the younger man's wrist tighter by the second. They got out of the room as fast as Jin can imagine.


“What the hell are you doing?” Kame shouted in annoyance despite his struggling movements to get away from Jin's tight grip on him.


“Shut up and just follow me” came Jin's stern reply.


Kame managed to get loose from the tight grasp on his wrist and slapped Jin right in front of the face.


“What the hell's your right to pull me here? After all the lies Jin...after all the lies...” Kame broke out, completely sobbing in front of the person he used to love the most.


“Kame just please listen to me, I never meant to cheat on you and if I could turn back time I wouldn't repeat that damn mistake in my life! I love you so much just please don't do this...”


“But still Jin, you cheated and that's something I wouldn't accept..” Kame palms his face to cover the sobs he'd made every time Jin speaks.


Jin couldn't take the scene in front of him any longer and decided to come forward and close the distance between him and Kame. Jin embraced him, while Kame savors the warmth coming from Jin. He knows that this isn't right anymore but this might be the last. Jin cups Kame's chin away from his palms and leans in forward to kiss Kame when-


“Damn you Akanishi Jin!” Ryo came running, and managed to land a hard punch on Jin's cheek which sends the latter falling on the floor. Kame was shocked with Ryo's appearance moreover his actions.


“What are you doing Ryo?” Kame asked baffled.


“You? Aren't you aware of what you're doing? Of what's happening? God Kame! You're so gullible! I know you have a fragile heart but...look at that! He was just trying to fool you to get you and what? Cheat on you again?


Kame was hit on the right spots, he was mortified with Ryo's words and the reality that was happening right now fully hit him. Him, completely surrendering and accepting Jin again?


“It's up to you to make the right decision now..I'm just trying to help” and with that Ryo went off and left Jin on the floor half conscious. Kame just stood there, feet completely frozen on the spot.


And after Ryo went off, Kame managed to make up his decision...


He bends and leans in front of Jin... “Sayonara, Jin” and the tears fell uncontrollably.




Jin was half conscious but he definitely heard Kame's last words to him loud and clear. He just laid there, pretending to be unconscious hoping for Kame's warm presence to support him but instead he got those two words that could literally torn his heart into pieces. Sayonara, Jin


Kame couldn't stop crying as soon as he left Jin there in the hallway lying unconsciously with his back turned against him. He was definitely regretting his decision on leaving him there like that, but all he could do now was to keep a safe distance away from the latter. He doesn't want to get hurt yet again so he chose to live a life away from Jin. Kame believes that if he stays away from Jin, he could really move on and forget about him completely. It's a risk I'm willing to take


The risk. He didn't mind that at all. He could possibly sacrifice all for Jin, but right now it was his time to sacrifice for himself to be able to gain true happiness yet again. He was willing to join NEWS and forget about his life being a member of KAT-TUN. And it pained him in all ways he could imagine, it was hard...definitely hard.




The days are getting closer, closer towards his announcement of him being the 'new' member of NEWS.


Pi take care of him...please


It was his only words for his best friend. He was doing his best to forget about the fact that in the next upcoming days, Kame will no longer be part of KAT-TUN and that he will be he will be formally introduced as a new member of NEWS.


Kame didn't want to be a part of NEWS as well, but in that way he can be as far away from Jin as possible even though they're still in the same agency. Whatever comes his way, he will definitely see it as a challenge because starting now...he will be a new Kame, new Kame for NEWS, and a new Kame away from Jin.




Kame woke up to the sound of the alarm ringing. And it was a familiar tune that woke him up. Was it really the alarm? He thought to himself but as he makes up the sound that he's hearing again and again he realized that it was actually his phone that was ringing, and that signals that someone's been calling him. Without thinking twice he quickly answered the phone, voice hoarse and croaky.




“Did I woke you up?”


The voice was familiar, but he was still in a haze, because his mind was still half sleeping...


“Who's this?”


paused for a second before answering...


“Kame...It's me Jin”


Kame's eyes almost popped out hearing the name of the speaker, he didn't want to have any communications with Jin at all unless it involves work...well not much expected since they're now on two completely different groups.


Kame felt his heart skip a beat hearing that name, and he didn't trust that feeling very much.


“Akanishi, what made you call?” sounding so formal and a bit on the edge.


“Akanishi? Kame I know your deal about NEWS and you turning your back away from KAT-TUN, this is getting out of hand already! We should settle this together but the whole group doesn't have to suffer and experience things like this.”


“Oh and you're the one to talk, after leaving us behind for 6 months not knowing if you're ever coming back or what. Look Ji- I mean Akanishi, I don't have to explain anything to you, It's my own decision and it has nothing to do with you. I'm okay and fine with this..”


“Stop pretending that it's alright! You know that Pi doesn't like you that much, and to join a group where not a single person likes you is a challenge. Please come back and let's just make things work, Kazu”


“Don't call me by my given name! You don't have a say in whatever decision I make! You're probably the last person that would make me change my mind. And I don't even care if Pi likes me or not, we'll just have work out on it, if he doesn't want to be my friend then fine..there's still Ryo”


With the mention of Ryo's name, Jin's blood boiled as he grips his phone firmly.


“Fuck that bastard! Don't you even get close to him, he's just fooling you because he likes you”


“Fool me? Like what you've done? Oh please Jin..just, just stop, and don't ever call again It hurts and I'm damn tired of it” Kame then hung up, he was so damn tired of Jin's babbling.


“wait Ka--


But Jin never got to finished what he had to say, Kame always cuts him off. What was the real reason for all of this? I know I have done a big mistake towards him, but...I think there's much more regarding his decisions. It's bothering me


Kame rushed out of the room. He was suppose to have a good time but Jin spoiled it. Jin ruined his day by his mere presence. Now all Kame wanted was to get some booze and hopefully forget that he talked with Jin today. Yeah, he never talked to Jin today.




Kame was scheduled to arrive early for his first recording with NEWS as they were about to release a new single, welcoming Kame as an official member of the group. Upon hearing the news of the said recording, T-TUN were infuriated with anger. “Why the hell do they have to record a new single so fast? I mean there's not more than a week had passed before that fucking announcement! Are they just screwing with us?” Koki practically roared inside KAT-TUN's dressing room. Ueda was also furious, but he let himself calm down as to help Koki to calm down as well.


Jin was just standing there, completely helpless about doing something regarding Kame's decision. He was there but his mind was far from everything. He cannot do anything with regard to Kame's decision. Therefore, all Jin could do was sigh..and pray that his best friend would take care of his lover, away from Ryo.



A/N: At last another update! Classes had started last Wednesday and it was truly a pain in the ass! gawd I miss vacation already *sighs* this chapter has been rotting on my pc for months now, but it's the only time that I got to edit this now, anyways comments are always loved and appreciated! <3 (oh, and would you suggest a course for college?) XD ja!

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akame0824: jin1akame0824 on June 6th, 2009 03:38 pm (UTC)
roma!!!! first?! =)) ahahahaha! XD galing galing naman. i love it!!!! :D
Bea ♥akame_koi on June 8th, 2009 02:33 pm (UTC)
bwahaha..first and maybe last? lol!
yoko n nga di q na cguro toh i-uupdate XD nyahaha feel n feel ko p nman ung smut sa nxt chap sbay, ayan prng tinatamad nlng aq mg-post ksi no one cares! ahaha thanks tin for reading and commenting~!♥
kirei_shinigamikirei_shinigami on June 7th, 2009 12:51 pm (UTC)
why is kame joining news?
somehow i don't like the idea...
i'd rather have him be a solo artist, hehehe

sad about the turn events...
i kinda hate ryo...
Bea ♥akame_koi on June 8th, 2009 02:35 pm (UTC)
why is kame joining news?

there's a small catch to it in the future chapters lol (to have some Ryokame interactions since i'm flailing over ryokame for now XD)

thanks for reading and commenting~!♥
hisa_lurve88hisa_lurve88 on June 7th, 2009 05:48 pm (UTC)
this is sad.... I've been waiting for your update!!! Thanks a lot! So, next chapter please!
Bea ♥akame_koi on June 8th, 2009 02:36 pm (UTC)
awww really? sorry for the delayed update since i'm way too busy with drabbles and one-shots that I forgot to update this even if it's rotting on my pc for ages XD

thanks for reading and commenting~!♥
アグスティンagustin1982 on December 18th, 2009 10:33 pm (UTC)
Infidelity (chapter 3)
I dont like kame join with news and far away from Jin. Make me sad. I want kame back to Jin. Really poor Jin ;-( please next chapter :-) I want Jin and kame together again, nice story *kiss*
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Bea ♥akame_koi on June 8th, 2009 02:39 pm (UTC)
mingmingmingoloid!=)) ahaha wag m n bsahin! wlang kwenta lng yan ahahaha wla n ksi aq mgawa kya nag-update nlng aq lol

and good luck with your kokame life!LOL

damn you!XD get away from me! ahaha i have chika! hmmm pg ngkta nlng tau okie?
pinkporcapinkporca on February 11th, 2011 02:44 am (UTC)
Hi, I just started to read this story but shouldn't have since it has not been updated since 2009. (didn't realize that until too late). Too bad there has been no update as it was very interesting. Oh well, you did a good job. Would you consider posting new chapters?
Bea ♥akame_koi on February 14th, 2011 02:11 pm (UTC)
aww thank you! ^^
I used to be so addicted to Akame, but now I just don't know where to get the inspiration to continue this because Jin already left KAT-TUN..

anyway glad you liked it! I'll message you once I'm on my akame mode again and post an update on this :)